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Zanahorias Rostizadas + Reduccion de Miel de Azahares

Zanahorias Rostizadas + Reduccion de Miel de Azahares

Abr 14, 2022Verduras + Vegetales


Did you know carrots belong to the parsley family ? Carrots have been around for thousands of years  and are one of the most popular root vegetables.They are one of my favorite side dishes to prepare both throughout  the year and  on special occasions such as Easter.

Carrot  Facts :

Carrots are both versatile, easy to prepare and rich in phytochemicals (reduction in cancer and cardiovascular disease ) carotenoids and ascorbic acid

Phytochemicals -anti inflammatory and antioxidants substances that can produce plasma lipid modifications and have anti -tumour properties.

Polyphenols play a major role in the prevention of  cancer, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Carrot leaves should be trimmed as soon as possible, leaving them on depletes carrots of both moisture and vitamins

Carrot greens are edible, add them to soups and salads 

Store carrots in the vegetable bin of  the refrigerator, keep them away from apples-these produce ethylene- and can cause a bitter taste in carrots.

Carrots that have become limp can be re-crisped by placing them in a bowl of ice water. 


In this recipe the sweetness of the carrots is enhanced by both  roasting them and by the addition of an  orange blossom honey  reduction.