Soursop Popsicles over a layer of ice

Soursop Popsicles

May 20, 2020Snack

Popsicles ” Paletas ” are a popular and refreshing treat  enjoyed throughout  Latin America during the hot “summer months”. There are endless variations of this classic treat, a favorite of both children and adults alike.

Growing up in Colombia Paletas were often sold at the local store la tienda or by  local women in each neighborhood.These women would sell their paletas out a designated window in their homes.My mother’s aunt Raquel was one of these women and to me she made the most delicious paletas.Her secret ? Well …. she made her paletas from a packaged pudding mix !!Most paletas,however; are made from fresh fruit which is widely available in Latin America.My favorite fruit for this purpose is Soursop- Guanabana in Spanish-its creamy consistency and refreshing  taste is ideal for popsicle making.In addition to that, thanks to its hight Tryphtophan content,soursop provides a calming effect.I have modified the traditional recipe to lower both the amount of simple sugars and  and saturated fat by using agave nectar and and skim milk. I’ve also used frozen soursop, since fresh soursop is not always available in the US.In NYC some supermarkets do carry fresh,frozen as well as refrigerated soursop packaged  in pouches.