Pickled Vegetables in a Mason Jar

Pickled Vegetables

Sep 4, 2020Vegetables

I’ve  been meaning to make this pickled vegetables recipe for a long time and  finally had the time  during this non -ending  quarantine.

My mother first made these pickled vegetables for us while we were still living in Colombia. I remember being fascinated by how beautiful  the bright colored  vegetables looked inside  the jar. Encurtido, as it’s known in Colombia; it’s traditionally made with string beans, carrots and cauliflower.

Pickled vegetables have been scientifically proven  to provide probiotics – live microorganisms that aid in digestion.These bacteria are not only good for your immune system, but also help to prevent inflammation.

Vegetables | Pick vegetables that are fresh and free of blemishes

Vinegar | white vinegar is the one traditionally used since it does not alter the taste or appearance of the vegetables

Herbs and Spices | This is where you can get creative. Add  whole garlic cloves or pickling spices if you prefer. Some people like to  add dill or a combination of spices and herbs.


Buen Provecho !!