Pan Fried Trout with Lime + Nutmeg

Mar 15, 2022Recipes

Colombia is well known for its diverse cuisine, with each region having its unique and distinctive ingredients, cooking methods and food history.

The departments of  Cundinamarca and Boyaca are  located in the central and  central-east part of Colombia respectively, in the Andean region.Both departments are rich sources of local rainbow trout,this is thanks to its many lagoons,dams and reservoirs.

Rainbow trout is not only delicious, it’s one of richest sources of omega 3’s.Rainbow trout is  also super versatile and easy to prepare.It’s traditionally  prepared in a butter and wine sauce infused with fresh thyme, grilled over hot coals after being seasoned in a mixture of  butter, lime juice, fresh thyme,salt & pepper or they are pan – fried with lime and nutmeg ( see recipe  in this post ) and last it’s also cooked in the traditional Colombian hogao, splashed with white  wine and served with fluffy delicious white rice and steamed potatoes ( another staple of Colombian cuisine )

A few tips :  

You can ask your fishmonger to remove the backbone and butterfly your fish whenever  a recipe calls for it.

Use a fresh herbs whenever possible, they make all the difference in delicated  dishes such as fish

Keep in mind that fish quickly absorbs salt, you want to bring out he flavors , but you don’t  want to ruin  your dish by using an excessive amount of salt.

Always use unsalted butter, this allows you to have  better control on the amount of salt that goes into your dish.