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Mandarin Juice

Aug 9, 2021Breakfast, Colombian, Recipes, Snack

This recipe brings me back the most pleasant memories of my early teenage years  in  Colombia. Very popular in Medellin, Mandarin Juice  is available at most restaurants and tea parlors.

The trick to this refreshing  beverage is to remove the delicate membrane from the mandarin sections. Not removing the delicate membrane will give a bitter taste to the juice. 

Health Benefits and Recommendations

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025   recommend  the daily  consumption of 2 cups of fruit. At least half of the recommended amount of fruit should come from * whole fruit, rather than 100% juice. A diet rich in  fresh fruit  can help reduce your risk of various chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke and  may also help prevent certain types of cancer.This is particularly true with citrus fruit, which have been found to be  strongly associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Mandarins as part of the citrus fruit family  provide this protection  in addition to anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anticancer benefits.

* Whole fruits include fresh, canned, frozen, and dried forms.