Beef Rib Broth

Sep 16, 2020Breakfast, Colombian, Recipes

Nothing like a good bone broth!!  I know these bone broths became the craze a few years back, but in Colombia; bone broths have been a staple component in its traditional cuisine.Meat was a luxury item not available to everyone and making bone broth was an economical way to obtain the nutrients found in meat.   

Caldo de Costilla – which literally translates as rib broth, it’s a native  dish of the region of el Valle.It’s made of beef ribs or from a combination of  porous bones (preferably from the hip area) and beef chunks. This broth is strained and  degreased, aromatic herbs and spices added; giving it both a delicious flavor and aroma. Caldo de Costilla is traditionally eaten as is, as part of  breakfast or lunch. It’s also widely used in the preparation of  a number of Colombian dishes.