Banana + Almond Butter Smoothie

Banana + Almond Butter Smoothie

Jan 5, 2021Snack

This is my go to breakfast smoothie!!!, I prepare this Banana + Almond Butter Smoothie  both at work and home. One of the key benefits of this  Banana + Almond butter smoothie is it’s high content of both potassium and protein. Potassium  as we all know is a key mineral in the regulation of  blood pressure.I like to use a good quality organic, non- fat, plain or vanilla -flavored greek yogurt.This ensures a smoothie that’s not only low in saturated fat  and added sugar,but also one that  provides  much  needed live and active cultures.

A few tips :  

Bananas | Make sure to use ripe bananas,this will ensure a sweet end product.

Almond Butter | Feel free to experiment with different nut butters.I alternate between almond  and peanut butter.

Greek Yogurt | Results vary greatly, depending  mostly on the type of yogurt used. If you use a vanilla -flavored  greek yogurt the result is usually a less acidic smoothie.Just make sure to read the label so that it  doesn’t contain any added sugar.Using a plain flavored yogurt

Customize your smoothie according to your specific dietary needs :

For constipation and to add Omega 3 fatty acids – Add flaxseeds

For immunity boost – Add  turmeric powder

For muscle building – Add whey protein powder

For hay fever – Add bee pollen