About Me

Hi !  I’m Bibiana a NYC based registered dietitian with a love for all things food. I was born and raised in Colombia and migrated to the United States in my early teens. I currently live in Queens
Pomegranates is about preserving traditional dishes and culture without compromising your health . You will find traditional Colombian recipes as well as recipes from all over the globe. Living in NYC’s melting pot is a foodie’s heaven. I would love to share those experiences with you.
Culture is preserved by its people in two ways : Language and Food. What better way to do this than by a bilingual blog with traditional recipes ?
My passion for all things food began while still in high school, this led me to  a degree in Dietetics. I’ve had the privilege to experience first hand the melting pot that NYC has to offer.
Having worked in a variety of clinical settings , I’ve seen how food can lose its charm and appeal due to dietary restrictions. Fortunately , thru extended research and education we now know that in order to eat healthy we don’t have to sacrifice taste and appeal. I believe in wholesome, non processed foods and while I wouldn’t label myself a vegetarian I do eat meatless meals most of the time.